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Bjarki Fra Northstar


Bjarki, aa very stout 7-year-old 5-gaited Icelandic dark dun gelding in queue to start training under saddle. As of Oct 2015 Little Bear weighed in at 1,016 lbs. and height 13.2HH w/o shoes. He is in training now under saddle and will be available as a green broke horse come summer and should make for a mature very strong horse. On a side note Little Bear is the last Kolskeggur birth. Pasture 24/7 either running with the herd or adult geldings and stallions.

USIHC ID: US2009104267

DOB: 8/5/2009


AKA: Little Bear

Vacc: 02/28/2016


Nodar Fra Northstar


Nodar, a very stout 7-year-old 4-gaited Icelandic blue eyed with star dark dun gelding. Nodar has been start under saddle and now starts the green horse rides for the spring and summer. Personality wise Nodar is friendly but has not been handled so much but should be easy after starting ground work. He shows the greatest gait extension for horses in training on movement looking much like his sire and grand sire. As of October 2015 his weight was 1,040, stick 13.2HH.

USIHC ID: US2009104230

DOB: 06/16/2009


Vacc: 1/11/2015


Sprettur Fra Northstar


A 4-year-old Icelandic bay gelding imprinted at birth, has worn a halter and picks up his feet for trimming. Sprettur “Sprint” is trusting and easy to handle and ready to start training. His half-sister Prinsessa fra Northstar, pictured above won Ohio’s Grand and Reserve Champions two consecutive years in a row at the All Ohio Show Horse Organization, Registered Horse, Halter Class. Based on his parents he has the potential to reach 13.2HH. Pasture 24/7.

USIHC ID: US2012105027

DOB: 07/25/2012


AKA: Sprint

Vacc: 02/26/2016

Coggins & Strangles: 05/2015


Vaengur Fra Northstar

$1000 obo

Barn name “Push Button,” a 5-year-old Icelandic still growing spotted gelding imprinted at birth, has worn a halter and picks up his feet for trimming. Ready to start ground training lessons prior to being broke under saddle. Based on his parents he has the potential to reach 13.2HH to 14HH. Pasture 24/7.

USIHC ID: US2011102028

DOB: 08/03/2011


AKA: Push Button

Vacc: 02/28/2016


Mentor Fra Bluegrass


Mentor is a very striking stout 9-year-old chestnut gelding standing at 13.2HH. He is broke under saddle and spent the fall/winter of 2015 with trainer Robbie Gregory at Mountain Bluegrass Icelandics on some extreme mountain trails at the Daniel Boone National Forest. His next step is to begin gait training via bending, collection and transition in hopes of being made ready for Green Horse at the spring 2016 KYIHS. Mentor possesses a very pleasing disposition and can be most striking in appearance, as a result has been displayed in the past at Equine Affaire, Columbus, Ohio. It is our hope that he has the combined makings of a competition 4-gaited show, trail and handicap mount.

USIHC ID: US2007104066

DOB: 08/11/2007


Vacc: 02/13/2016