Rest In Peace

Kolskeggur frá Stari-bæ 1989 - 2009

I'm sorry to have to post Kolskeggur, sire to approximately 200 offspring in Europe and the U.S. passed September 27, 2009. Many of us own an offspring from Kolskeggur and hope that our babies are even half the horse he was. He was buried on the farm so may he run in greener pastures with his herdmates.

We were honored to host this magnificent horse at Northstar for many years, and are proud to see his legacy flourish here in the United States of America.

Kolskeggur was an extremely talented five-gaited dun stallion sired by the honored prized stallion Ofeigur 882 fra Flugumyri. As a four-year-old Kolskeggur made his debut in the 1994 Icelandic National Spring Breeding Competition—Landsmot, ranking 2nd in the five-year-old stallion class. In 1995 out of all the thousands of stallions competing for prize status Kolskeggur ranked 146 out of those that achieved first prize with a score of 8.01. Kolskeggur went on to win the Gaedingakeppin in Keflavik (competition with all horses, not just breeding horses) earning him the right to participate in the Fjordungsmot at Hella in 1996, where he improved his personal best overall score to 8.36.

Prior to coming to Ohio in 1996 Kolskeggur is credited with 96 registered foals in Iceland. Kolskeggur was the first ranked stallion in the Midwest and was the highest ranked first prize stallion residing in Ohio.

USIHC ID: US89100794

WFID: IS1989187063

Color: Yellow Dun

AKA: Black Beard