Northstar Retired Horses

Northstar Retired Horses Policy

Possession of Retired Horses from Northstar Icelandic Horse Farm

Northstar Farm DOES place retirees from the herd normally when they reach age 23, hopefully to new forever homes. This is conditional in that no sale charge is levied on the horse and in return said horse is to be well cared for the rest of its life. As such, under said agreement if a retiree becomes a burden it shall be returned to Northstar Farm. Expressly, the horse shall not be bred or sold. This agreement is made In Good Faith with all parties concerned prior and for this reasons no bill of sale, transfer papers or USIHC registration papers are released.!

List of living Retirees placed in homes:

Name Reg ID Color Gender Age Location Status
Albina fra Ytri-Vollum US1988200792 Cream Mare 28 Mississippi Retired & Placed
Assa fra Artunum US1991200987 Brown Mare 25 Indiana Retired & Placed
Bjarta-Stjarna fra Enni US1990256765 Palomino Mare 26 Ohio Available for Placement
Funi fra Melstad US1990100796 Bay Stallion 26 Virgina Retired & Placed
Litfari fra Olvaldsstodum IV US1990100902 Stw Roan Gelding 26 Ohio Retired & Placed
Vissa fra Feti US1990200784 Brown Mare 26 Ohio Available for Placement

I hereby covenant that I am the lawful owner of these horses; that I have the only right to sell said horses; and that I will warrant and defend said horses against lawful claims and demands of all persons. I do give permission to have ownership verified with the USIHC Registry on the above list if so desired.

Please feel free to contact me via email at, or use our contact form, if you have any questions about wanting to obtain a retiree or references from those who already have one. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Lanny L. Carroll

Northstar Farm

Cc: USIHC Registry